Monday Mission, organizing with baskets and buckets

I for one am in a organizing mood.  I need to tackle a few places…let’s see…the boy’s playroom, linen closets, my closet, the boy’s closets.   Nearly every space in my house could use some tweaking…most could use some major time and energy.  This summer I plan tackle most of these projects but…I am going to work on a playroom before school is out just so I can do it without the “help” of the boys!

Sooo…some organizing ideas I found and thought I’d share.

Aby Garvey is a professional organizer who co-authored The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker.   Her blog is called Creative Organizing which fits me pretty well.  Organizing solutions need to be at least a little cute and fun if you ask me.  She has a couple posts on using buckets as a storage solution that I have really enjoyed.  Here is one about organizing the garage…oh…I need to get after that before it gets too hot!  And here she posts about tons of uses for buckets.  And a post on organizing your kids room


2 Responses to “Monday Mission, organizing with baskets and buckets”

  1. Purchasing products should be the last step in the organizing process. Buying colorful containers and gadgets is fun but, unless you first complete the process of sorting and discarding your belongings, these items will end up adding to your mess rather than taming it.

    But once you’ve done your “homework,” bins and buckets – as well as baskets and boxes (you can choose gorgeous fabric/paper to cover them to suit your decor) are awesome solutions!

  2. Very good point and one that I have learned that hard way (I have a few containers that are super cute and I am storing…for some future organizing project…that is a big no, no! LOL)! Thanks for the tip!

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