I am going to be spending some time by the pool

And some time IN the pool this summer.  We have a membership to a pool that is within walking distance from our house….so the boys and I are excited to spend some time there. 

I just had to get a couple new suits.  I have bought exactly one suit since I had my 6 year old.  And that one suit was a Walmart one, that is so not flattering at all.  I think I have avoided it mostly because it is so painful to swimsuit shop…you agree, right?

So…I went on Lands End’s site…and measured and re-measured (uggghhh..not fun but better than trying on swimsuits myself!)..and got myself a virtual model to try on the suits for me.  The virtual model is free, all you have to do is click on “try on” when you are looking at a suit.  As far as local shopping is concerned, there are no good places to go buy a suit anyway…and if you are going to do something as scary (and downright depressing LOL) as try on a swimsuit…you might as well have a virtual model do it for you.  Besides, what else is technology good for?

It is funny….because Land’s end already had an account for me, it seems I had a virtual model already set up and never had the guts to order the suit! 

So I ordered these tops: this one  and this one.  And a cute skirt bottom (this one) and then just a regular black bottom.    I got them in yesterday…very flattering…very happy with the whole experience…now that it is over! 🙂 

 By the way, they even have special recommendations for you “anxiety zones” as they call them on the site…tummy would be mine…something about giving birth to a couple hefty boys (9 and 10 pound bruisers) left me with issues…errr…”anxiety zones”. 


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