Monday mission, some light yardwork and CK school years kits

So, today the boys and I did some dead heading of flowers, watering (it has turned super hot here all of a sudden!) and I did some trimming on 2 front yard bushes. 

I taught the boys to dead head the flowers…here they are each very happy to have their own “big, old honker” (as they would put it) scissors:

CIMG3217.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And after they were done with the flowers, they thought the grass needed a trim.

CIMG3219.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Goofy boys. 

Anyway…we stayed out there as long as we could hack it.  We each ran through the sprinkler too…just to stay a little cooler.  Then we headed in….it is HOT….and it was only 9am!

Kit of the Month

Okay…I can take a hint.  I am not supposed to get the CK Becky Higgins School years kit.   You may remember that I pre-ordered it when it was re-released (this was after it sold out the first time).  Well, in the time between when I pre-ordered and when they had them ready to send out, my credit card was reissued by the credit card company due to a possible security issue that the company incountered.  So when CK tried to charge me for it, it didn’t work.  I get an email that my credit card had failed…and they asked me to resumbit the order.  I went straight there to resubmit it (on the day I recieved the email) and it was sold out again.  I did email them…and they nicely said tough. LOL

I think CK is having some issues with their system…I noticed that someone else had pre-ordered 2 kits and they would only send her 1.  Told her she should have ordered them separately, which she can not do now as it was sold out.  Weird.  I guess I would have been her same shoes…I had pre-order one for each of my boys…and I would have ended up with just one instead of the 2 I had hoped for.



2 Responses to “Monday mission, some light yardwork and CK school years kits”

    I bet your yard will look twice as nice with all the sweet help!

  2. oh man, it just wasn’t meant to be on you getting that kit!

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