Soda is bad for your bones? Absolutely.

Americans have issues with bone density.  And we lead the world in milk consumption.  Hmmm…

Here is a mainstream article saying just what I used to get on my soap box about when I taught biology over 6 years ago.  (Natural food gurus have said this for years by the way.) 

The problem with our nations bone density very well be may be caused by excessive soda consumption  and not with our lack of intake of dairy products. 

So even though I enjoy the “Got milk” commercials and have nothing against milk…I do have something against sodas. 

The other day at church we had an evening meeting where pizza and sodas were served.  My 4 year old didn’t know how to drink out of a soda pop can…seriously.  Made me smile.   It is a very special day when my boys get sprite to drink and I am pretty sure they have had only sips of any caffeinated soda. 

Oh, and did you know…that there are lots of foods that are wonderful souces of calcium?

  • dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • canned salmon and sardines with bones
  • leafy green vegetables, such as broccoli
  • calcium-fortified foods – from orange juice to cereals and crackers
  • I need to make salmon patties again soon…and my boys love broccoli with vinaigrette and feta cheese.  Yum.

    I saw a plug for this book, The Flat belly diet, where they talked about “Sassy water” for an anti-bloat jumpstart to a diet.  I think it was water, lemon slices, cucumber slices and mint leaves.  I made it and enjoyed…although next time I will skip the cucumber (maybe it was just the kind of cucumber I bought).  We are big water drinkers around our house…but it was nice to have a little variety.   

    sassy water, lemon water

    BTW….there are lots of reasons why one person may have low bone density from hay-wire hormone levels to lack of weight baring exercise to low Vitamin D levels.  Here is a medical answer for causes of osteoporosis if interested.  Give them a few years and I bet excessive soda intake will be added to that list.




    2 Responses to “Soda is bad for your bones? Absolutely.”

    1. Sean Eyring Says:

      So I should have at least the same amount of milk as soda? Does that make it even out? LOL

      Loved the pictures of your trip to San Antonio. The looks on your boys faces on the big plunge of the log ride are classic!

      We might go to Sea World in San Diego when we go to Disneyland in November. Looking at your pictures really make me want to take my boys!

    2. How cool that we were both writing about drinks without knowing the other was doing it!

      This was so interesting Holly! Believe it or not I’d never heard about the excess soda-low bone density connection. I guess I’ve been living under a pop can! LOL Seriously though it is good to know. I wonder how much pop is considered excess?

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