Fun Friday, Surprise project for Dad

A  couple weeks ago, the boys and I decided to surprise their dad.  The back shed behind our house houses the lawnmower, lawn tools, and my hubby’s tools.  So for a small shed…it is packed…and we never had the time to organize it.  So it looked like this….

CIMG3196.jpg picture by hollybirdyCIMG3194-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Needless to say…going out to find a tool for a project was frustrating.

The boys and I worked on it…hung some peg board.  Learned that there are lots of cool peg board hanging thingys (did you know they make a peg board paper towel holder?).  Organized dad’s tools for him…(My oldest loved doing this!):

CIMG3212.jpg picture by hollybirdy

We played around a little…my youngest is a master at turning a project into goof around time.

CIMG3193.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And it ended up looking like this:

CIMG3201.jpg picture by hollybirdy

We completed it in one day…the shopping (2 trips to hardware stores), the hanging of the pegboard and the organizing.  It lacks a tiny bit more work and few more hangers. 

Since this was a secret project…to surprise dad…I got a lot more cooperation out of the boys. 

My oldest was totally funny…said, “What if we don’t get it done today mom?” I said, “Then we will just have to hope that Dad doesn’t go out to the shed tonight.”  He said, “Not hope, PRAY he doesn’t.”  😉

So this isn’t my usual…games, toys, etc. for kids Fun Friday post…but it was pretty fun and the boys enjoyed their day so thought it worked.

Oh and Dad was suprised! 🙂

As a total aside…I fell in love with peg board.  That stuff along with all the cool hanger options…very cool indeed.


4 Responses to “Fun Friday, Surprise project for Dad”

  1. barbaralukow Says:

    wow!! you guys have been workin’! Makes me feel lazy!!

  2. what a cool father’s day project!! yeah to you and the boys!

  3. Great idea for gift. I am sure he would have loved it

  4. Pegboard is for sissies. String up some barbed wire and tangle up the tools in that 🙂

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