Wonderful Wednesday, jounaling ideas

As I mentioned in a previous Wonderful Wednesday post, I was looking back through my scrapbook albums and realized that I really enjoy the pages that have two things….

1.  multiple photos

2.  journaling

 I talked a little about ways to include multiple photos into a layout here

So today I thought I’d talk about journaling ideas.  I have already devoted another Wonderful Wednesday to journaling and you can take it in here…that just tells you how important the story behind a layout it to me when I am scrapbooking.  It is a HUGE part for me and why I think it is important for me to reorganize my photo storage to better accommodate my need for photos that are out of chronological order (but that is anther days post!). 

Having something that is designed for journaling really helps…especially if you find it difficult to make yourself include journaling.  So cute journaling products are always a plus…if it is cute you will be more likely to use it, right?  🙂

So the dandilion picture at the top of this post is from Elle’s studio, who has a ton of cute journaling products.    They have these too:

and these:

These month to month baby tags are too neat and might be just what I will order and use on some month to month baby books that I am wanting to make.

I have these:

Very fun.

There are tons of great journaling stamps.  Here is layout done with a really simple stamp that I own.

IMG_6249_edited.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Now for ideas to on how to journal without the fancy journaling products.

I have seen really cute journaling spots made by painting the cardstock and then writing on the painted area after it is dry.  That is something I want to try soon.

Here I just wrote my story right on a firetruck die cut (I inked the edges of the die cut to make it pop a little).  That is pretty simple…and inexpensive. 

IMG_5117_edited.jpg picture by hollybirdy

I will continue some more journaling ideas in another post….maybe next Wednesday as there are a couple things I want to try.

Gotta run for now…soccer game this evening…gotta fold some laundry and make pizza for dinner.


4 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, jounaling ideas”

  1. Karen L. Says:

    Oh, I just love this journaling article!! Those journaling tags you show are so cool. I LOVE the colorful dandelions and the month ones are so perfect for a baby book.
    The layout where you stamped a title right on the round journaling stamped image is really nice. I have some journaling stamps and will borrow that idea!
    I’m going to check out your older journaling post now!

  2. aascifres Says:

    Maybe with the cool journaling thingies, I would be better at actually journaling!
    Had lots of fun today…Thanks again!

  3. barbaralukow Says:

    I loved the dinos layout! Precious!

  4. very cute layouts and great journaling ideas!

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