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Summer craziness continues

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Mega Sports Camp

Sorry to be absent for so long.  I was a VBS coach for Mega Sports camp this past week.  I was a soccer coach….go figure (would have been a lot more comfortable coaching basketball!) as I still am kinda clueless about soccer rules/specifics but all my teenage helpers were knowledgeable so all I had to do is split up the kids so that they could work with them.  I was so beat by the end of the morning…that I only had the energy to get what HAD to be done each afternoon and evening…so no posting.  

My youngest’s soccer season was also in full swing so I had my coaching hat on often last week.  Those little 4 and 5 year olds are impoving daily…love it!   Next Wednesday is our last game…gunna miss those kiddos.   I will keep mine…not farming him out anytime soon!


Wonderful Wednesday, scrapbook chick

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This scrapbook chick is busy….working on reorganizing he scrap space, being a soccer coach, and getting ready for some time with family this weekend…so stay tuned. 

Fun Friday, Slip and slide

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I have been so busy doing fun stuff with the kids that I haven’t had much time to post!

We have this Slip and slide…

Wham-O Slip N' Slide Shark Attack Water Slide (20 FT.) (SLIP-N-SLIDE-MEGA-SHARK  / SLIPNSLIDEMEGASHARK)

It’s jaws open and close…so the kids have learned to time it so they go through when the jaws are up.  Pretty fun (or at least it appears so…I haven’t tried it out but my hubby says this weekend he might!)

I put it on the dry areas in the year for extra irrigating.  😉  We are sure to put it all away right after we use it…so the grass doesn’t get burned.  Fun times in the sun!

Here is my youngest having a grand old time.

IMG_0759.jpg picture by hollybirdy