Summer craziness continues


Mega Sports Camp

Sorry to be absent for so long.  I was a VBS coach for Mega Sports camp this past week.  I was a soccer coach….go figure (would have been a lot more comfortable coaching basketball!) as I still am kinda clueless about soccer rules/specifics but all my teenage helpers were knowledgeable so all I had to do is split up the kids so that they could work with them.  I was so beat by the end of the morning…that I only had the energy to get what HAD to be done each afternoon and evening…so no posting.  

My youngest’s soccer season was also in full swing so I had my coaching hat on often last week.  Those little 4 and 5 year olds are impoving daily…love it!   Next Wednesday is our last game…gunna miss those kiddos.   I will keep mine…not farming him out anytime soon!


3 Responses to “Summer craziness continues”

  1. Wow! Slow down before your summer is gone;)

  2. aascifres Says:

    The kids had such a good time at VBS last week and loved church this morning.

  3. Holly, I ran accross your blog thru Amy’s. You are so much cute and fun.

    I wish we had an opportunity to become better friends.

    Thanks for sharing your life! You are an inspiration!


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