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Stamping…I have been digging in my stamps lately and playing

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I have noticed that a few of the journaling stamps that I have bought have lines that are too small to write in.  I usually only use the smallest point pens…as I like very fine and fairly small journaling…but I also want it to be readable in future!  Anyway…that is annoying!  So that is something I will be watching out for in the future.  

One set I am referring to is one by Maya Road:

  Luckily, each part of the stamp can be used separately so even though the lines are too close together for my liking…I can still use the outlining portion of the journaling stamp.

I have also been using this stamp a lot…such a young, bright-eyed little guy.  


And aren’t these cute?  I don’t have this stamp…and probably won’t get it due to the wintery look of it…but it is cute.


Fun Friday, Legos

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Oh, for the love of Legos.  Let’s see…me kids love them…I am not sure what my take on them is.  I do like it that they play for hours with them and are not watching tv, running around like crazy children, etc.  And they build stuff all the time with them…so I know the legos are good for them.  However…Legos are MESSY!

So that is why I paused when I saw this:

Link to the lego organizing product here.  I will be looking around and seeing if I can find some educated reviews of this.  We have some Lego kits that we keep together but the boys have a bunch of their dad’s old legos and those are the ones I am thinking might benefit from this type of storage. 

At any rate…today’s Fun Friday is on Legos.  My oldest loves kits that come with directions and he LOVES to follow each direction and get it accomplished.  He is very good at it too.  It looks terribly tedious to me but he loves it. 

My youngest comes up with ideas on how to make “cool stuff” by piecing together this part and that…and he often makes something unique and cool.  He always say, “Pretty cool, right mom?”  Absolutely darling…you two boys are amazing.  So I overlook the mess and know that deep down our life would not be the same without legos. 😉

Right this minute they are playing with some Star Wars Legos…they can seriously play for 3-4 hours with them.   So…in their honor I will post my favorite star wars Lego:

Just because I thought that Anakin’s fighter in Star Wars Clone Wars was very cool. 🙂

Oh, Pickles!

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Hey…yes you are at the right place…I renamed my blog.  I have been meaning to change things up for awhile and have been busy, busy…but I am feeling a little more charged lately.

“Oh, Pickles!” is what I say when things don’t go exactly the way I had planned…and life is pretty much like that.  Never quite goes the way any of us have it planned out in our heads…and that is okay since God is always in charge. 

I figured that since that phrase is one that I say often and get some smiles from…I might as well name my blog that. 

I may be changing up a few more things…so stay tuned.


Wonderful Wednesday, I scrapped!

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I got to scrap last weekend…it was fun and I got to do so with a very sweet friend and I enjoyed my time with her.  So that was totally bonus! 🙂

I have been kinda in a scrapbooking slump…and when I come out of slumps I struggle.  It is hard to get your mind off the other stuff in life and really concentrate on what memories you really want to get in a book for you and your family.

So….here goes…

Remember my star kick!

IMG_1733-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Well..this one has some stars on it!  Old photo of my youngest…and yep he was pretty much an adorable baby…which is hard to remember lately as he is about as sassy as any 4 year old can be (okay…not all the time but every so often his sassy mouth gets him in a lot of trouble).

In terms of supplies…well…the pattern paper is cool but I don’ t know who makes it (Edited to say that piggy tales makes that paper).  It is two sided, with big stars on one side and tiny ones on the other side.  I did the tedious scissor work.  😉   The “Yes you are adorable” sticky is Rusty Pickle.  The big foam stickers are from the craft section at my local Hobby Lobby.  White cardstock is generic from Hobby Lobby.

And this one tells the story about why this picture is so unbelievable…as my oldest was the hardest ever to get down for a nap…and the journaling talks about that.

IMG_1732.jpg picture by hollybirdy

In term of supplies…I don’t have time to go through the list but I got that “Notes from today” cute journaling embellishment from my friend Ann.  She sent it to me me just because she is sweet. 🙂

Watch for another scrapbooking post…as I used some of my Becky HIggin’s School days kits…and LOVED them.

Fun Friday, Seaworld San Antonio

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Early in the summer, we did Sea World San Antonio.

So much fun…here is a little bit of it:

logride1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

They had a special going on…so we got a break on the second day…we had a blast both days.  Totally fun…my oldest will forever think that Killer Whales are the coolest animals ever…and he may be right!

Wonderful Wednesday, Big picture scrapbooking

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A free online class being offered this week by Big Picture Scrapbooking.  Last fall I took a daily creativity class from this company and enjoyed it a lot.

Here is the free one.

I may find time to do a few make and takes myself! 🙂

Fun Friday, Trip to Grand Canyon with train ride

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So for the next couple fun Friday posts I am going to post some of the stuff we did this summer that were fun for us and the kids. 

Getting held up on a train by a bunch of train robbers on the Grand Canyon Railway.

IMG_1472.jpg picture by hollybirdyIMG_1470.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Train entertainment:

IMG_1369.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And the view…well….grand!

IMG_1399.jpg picture by hollybirdy