Hello all…

I have come across some fun stuff to share…but I have had little or no time to do so.

Lots going on around me.  I have a dear friend who has suffered a huge loss.  My father in law is very ill and the doctors are trying to figure out what is going on.  So do join me in praying for my friend Amy (and her family) and my father in law, Roger.

Stressful, busy times.

It will be good for me to “play” a little here…

These calendar labels might be cute for scrapbooking:

Clip-Art Freezer Labels

Take the “frozen on” off of it or put a sticker over that part!   Contents would be cute as a way of journaling though.

And as a fun thing for kids:

A couple weeks ago, my family and I went to the Grand Canyon.  My husband had some work to do closeby and so we made it a family trip.  It was sooo fun. 

We rode a train from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon.

Here is a pic off of their site:

The Grand Canyon train

The train ride was complete with a robbery!  Rogue cowboys on horses in the bushes as the train slowed down. Very fun.


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