Wonderful Wednesday, I scrapped!

I got to scrap last weekend…it was fun and I got to do so with a very sweet friend and I enjoyed my time with her.  So that was totally bonus! 🙂

I have been kinda in a scrapbooking slump…and when I come out of slumps I struggle.  It is hard to get your mind off the other stuff in life and really concentrate on what memories you really want to get in a book for you and your family.

So….here goes…

Remember my star kick!

IMG_1733-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Well..this one has some stars on it!  Old photo of my youngest…and yep he was pretty much an adorable baby…which is hard to remember lately as he is about as sassy as any 4 year old can be (okay…not all the time but every so often his sassy mouth gets him in a lot of trouble).

In terms of supplies…well…the pattern paper is cool but I don’ t know who makes it (Edited to say that piggy tales makes that paper).  It is two sided, with big stars on one side and tiny ones on the other side.  I did the tedious scissor work.  😉   The “Yes you are adorable” sticky is Rusty Pickle.  The big foam stickers are from the craft section at my local Hobby Lobby.  White cardstock is generic from Hobby Lobby.

And this one tells the story about why this picture is so unbelievable…as my oldest was the hardest ever to get down for a nap…and the journaling talks about that.

IMG_1732.jpg picture by hollybirdy

In term of supplies…I don’t have time to go through the list but I got that “Notes from today” cute journaling embellishment from my friend Ann.  She sent it to me me just because she is sweet. 🙂

Watch for another scrapbooking post…as I used some of my Becky HIggin’s School days kits…and LOVED them.


2 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, I scrapped!”

  1. Awww, you think I’m sweet! Ditto, and I think your layouts rock! I always love to see them. Catching up on my blogsurfing tonight. 🙂

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