Fun Friday, Legos

Oh, for the love of Legos.  Let’s see…me kids love them…I am not sure what my take on them is.  I do like it that they play for hours with them and are not watching tv, running around like crazy children, etc.  And they build stuff all the time with them…so I know the legos are good for them.  However…Legos are MESSY!

So that is why I paused when I saw this:

Link to the lego organizing product here.  I will be looking around and seeing if I can find some educated reviews of this.  We have some Lego kits that we keep together but the boys have a bunch of their dad’s old legos and those are the ones I am thinking might benefit from this type of storage. 

At any rate…today’s Fun Friday is on Legos.  My oldest loves kits that come with directions and he LOVES to follow each direction and get it accomplished.  He is very good at it too.  It looks terribly tedious to me but he loves it. 

My youngest comes up with ideas on how to make “cool stuff” by piecing together this part and that…and he often makes something unique and cool.  He always say, “Pretty cool, right mom?”  Absolutely darling…you two boys are amazing.  So I overlook the mess and know that deep down our life would not be the same without legos. 😉

Right this minute they are playing with some Star Wars Legos…they can seriously play for 3-4 hours with them.   So…in their honor I will post my favorite star wars Lego:

Just because I thought that Anakin’s fighter in Star Wars Clone Wars was very cool. 🙂


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