Stamping…I have been digging in my stamps lately and playing

I have noticed that a few of the journaling stamps that I have bought have lines that are too small to write in.  I usually only use the smallest point pens…as I like very fine and fairly small journaling…but I also want it to be readable in future!  Anyway…that is annoying!  So that is something I will be watching out for in the future.  

One set I am referring to is one by Maya Road:

  Luckily, each part of the stamp can be used separately so even though the lines are too close together for my liking…I can still use the outlining portion of the journaling stamp.

I have also been using this stamp a lot…such a young, bright-eyed little guy.  


And aren’t these cute?  I don’t have this stamp…and probably won’t get it due to the wintery look of it…but it is cute.


One Response to “Stamping…I have been digging in my stamps lately and playing”

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