Wonderful Wednesday, s t r e t c h

I have been trying to stretch in my crafting lately by doing things differently than I would normally.  That is why I have been playing with my stamps…just playing around and hoping to get inspired.

Anyway…after seeing some cute scrapbook pages using buttons to make up a huge heart shape or tree…I decided to get out these yo-yos and give them a try.  And I must tell you that I had to MAKE myself use them…because I almost talked myself out of the idea after they were out on my scrapbooking table.  But after exerting a fair amount of self-discipline, here is what I came up with:

IMG_1734.jpg picture by hollybirdy

I used white cardstock.  Yo-yos from Hobby Lobby sale section (didn’t save the package but they were pre-made).  Wonderful little owl stamp that I mentioned in a post a few days ago (and got at Hobby Lobby).  Cute scallop tag from every jot and title on etsy.

And I love, love the letter stickers and need more of these…they are by doodlebug design, inc and are called hopscotch cardstock stickers.


3 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, s t r e t c h”

  1. Oh-oh-oh!!!!! This makes my little heart just jump for JOY!!! I LOVE it! Great job! :]

  2. That is such a cute layout! I just love the little owl peeking out from the tree.

  3. Such a cute LO! Love the tree, great idea with the yo-yos! I also love Every Jot and Tittle, fun shop.

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