A walk with my hubby….

I take lots of walks in a week’s time.  Normally, I squeeze them into my day.  Sometimes I am able to go before work/errands but after I drop the kids at school, sometimes I fit it in right after a few hours of work and before I pick up my youngest from half-day preschool, sometimes I break away after our evening meal but before tuck-in time for the kids leaving daddy in charge…usually these walks are just me and my dog (a 13 year old border collie who still pulls me along like she is still the darling puppy she was more than a decade ago).

  So you see…

Rarely do I have the pleasure of a walk with my sweet husband.

Last week when we were able to accomplish just that… and we took the camera. :0)

IMG_1930.jpg picture by hollybirdy


2 Responses to “A walk with my hubby….”

  1. Barbara Lukow Says:

    Oh My! What a gorgeous picture!! Burrowing owl, right?

  2. hollybirdy Says:

    Yep…a burrowing owl. Forgot to put that info in the blog post. 😉

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