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Presidential race from a kid’s perspective and voter guide

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My first grader and I were chatting about the Presidential race the other day. Ever since we went as a family to the Sarah Palin rally, he has been really interested in the race.  Yells “Go Sarah!” at every McCain-Palin sign.  🙂

He was wondering if anyone is voting for “the other team” as he calls Obama-Biden since in our town you mostly see McCain-Palin signs.  I explained that yes some people are voting for the Obama-Biden team and said it was a very close race.  He asked some more questions and it was clear that he didn’t understand that the candidates stand for certain things.  I tried to explain in a fair manner that the “teams” have certain issues that they do not agree on…and you vote for the team that you agree with.  I opened my mouth to start explaining, best I could (he is in first grade after-all) why I am voting for “McCain-Palin team”….and he stopped me.

“Wait.  Wait.  So mom, which team will pray to God?  And which team will obey God?”

I love kids…it is not complicated.  Nope…not at all. 

Here is a link to a very good guide.  On Christian and moral principles, these candidates are very different.


Standing up for what is right in America…

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IMG_2525.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Did you know that she got off the plane with her baby in her arms?

Did you know that she actually spoke of God in her speech (something that many great leaders of this country have done over the years but something that is absent from most political speeches now days)?

Did you know that she put her hand on her heart and looked at the American flag during the national anthem?

Did you know that she thinks the retirement accounts of many of the elders in this country should be protected? 

Do you know that she thinks our elderly deserve that?

Did you know that she is a supporter of the rights of unborn babes? 

Did you know that she has a son that will head to war…and she wants no one but McCain to be Commander and Chief over her firstborn son? 

Let’s see…she stands up for rights of the elderly and the unborn. 

And….she respects and loves America. 

Someone who stands up for what is right is hard to find now days, but there she is.

Palin comes to my hometown!

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I got to attend a Palin Rally!

We were kinda far out (but my zoom lens came through like a champ as you can see) the sun…with 2 boys on our backs (quite literally)…but boy it was fun!

And my youngest was all proud to call his grandma (my momma) and tell her that we got to see Sarah Palin!

And yep…that is Hank Williams Jr. with Sarah! 

For a little taste of Old Hank…click here.  Loved it!

Now that I ordered 6 of them…

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They are on sale 10% off…that is what I get for being on top of things!  And bonus…the SEI site didn’t charge me shipping.

Here is the link to the 10 % off SEI site.

And a better pic of the 2009 calendar.

Oh, some things just make my day!

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SEI scrapbooking calendars!

I have used SEI scrapbooking calendar kits for many years…they make the best scrapbooking calendars in my experience.  I just ordered 5 for Christmas gifts and one for my family! 🙂

Click HERE to see the calendar. 

Now to order (and upload!) the pics that I will be needing. Sigh…

For me the Christmas crunch has begun (these things are time consuming).

Glad to have the calendars on the way to me…I have been waiting for SEI to start selling them!


Wonderful Wednesday, beautiful life mini album

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I have been kicking around the idea of making a few things for my 1st grader’s fall festival silent auction.  So far, I have been just playing…I am working on a grandma’s brag book idea currently and I really think those would be a good overall choice (sell the best, etc) but what do you all think?

 Since I am kinda new to my Bind It All…I figured I better play around a little before I made what was at the top of my list.

So I made this album:

front (sorry for the terrible pic quality!)

IMG_2422.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_2423.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_2424-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_2426.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_2428.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_2427.jpg picture by hollybirdy

I have also been playing with my stickles…as you may have noticed. 

Check out stickles used on the stamp that came in this Becky Higgins CK School expansion kit.

IMG_2429.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Love it!

My week…

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I got to dress my oldest in preppy 1980’s attire….

IMG_2287-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Totally fun!  My husband and I were remembering all the fashions that were sported when we were in high school. 

Fun stuff but it makes life just a little more complicated…which is okay….but some days seem like a bit much.

Luckily….I have help around the house…(that is my 4 year old…what a little trooper)

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I also am lucky enough to have plenty of protection against all forces of evil…

IMG_2195.jpg picture by hollybirdyIMG_2200.jpg picture by hollybirdy