Standing up for what is right in America…

IMG_2525.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Did you know that she got off the plane with her baby in her arms?

Did you know that she actually spoke of God in her speech (something that many great leaders of this country have done over the years but something that is absent from most political speeches now days)?

Did you know that she put her hand on her heart and looked at the American flag during the national anthem?

Did you know that she thinks the retirement accounts of many of the elders in this country should be protected? 

Do you know that she thinks our elderly deserve that?

Did you know that she is a supporter of the rights of unborn babes? 

Did you know that she has a son that will head to war…and she wants no one but McCain to be Commander and Chief over her firstborn son? 

Let’s see…she stands up for rights of the elderly and the unborn. 

And….she respects and loves America. 

Someone who stands up for what is right is hard to find now days, but there she is.


4 Responses to “Standing up for what is right in America…”

  1. I LOVE your post. Agree with you 100%!! Lets hope America also agrees and she will have the chance to serve this wonderful country, shall we?

  2. Holly, great post! I’m pulling all the way for the McCain/Palin ticket. Hoping the polls are slanted by the liberal media….

  3. barbaralukow Says:

    You go, girl!! Let’s pray McCain and Palin make it!

    If there was ever a time in our country’s history that God’s guidance has been TOTALLY ignored, THIS IS IT!

  4. I just came over from Mindi’s. 🙂 Our government definitely needs more people like her. I’m on pins and needles – can’t wait for the election to be over!

    ~ Jennifer

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