Presidential race from a kid’s perspective and voter guide

My first grader and I were chatting about the Presidential race the other day. Ever since we went as a family to the Sarah Palin rally, he has been really interested in the race.  Yells “Go Sarah!” at every McCain-Palin sign.  🙂

He was wondering if anyone is voting for “the other team” as he calls Obama-Biden since in our town you mostly see McCain-Palin signs.  I explained that yes some people are voting for the Obama-Biden team and said it was a very close race.  He asked some more questions and it was clear that he didn’t understand that the candidates stand for certain things.  I tried to explain in a fair manner that the “teams” have certain issues that they do not agree on…and you vote for the team that you agree with.  I opened my mouth to start explaining, best I could (he is in first grade after-all) why I am voting for “McCain-Palin team”….and he stopped me.

“Wait.  Wait.  So mom, which team will pray to God?  And which team will obey God?”

I love kids…it is not complicated.  Nope…not at all. 

Here is a link to a very good guide.  On Christian and moral principles, these candidates are very different.


2 Responses to “Presidential race from a kid’s perspective and voter guide”

  1. I clicked on that link and I read the differences in the issues. I just can’t help but wonder why anyone would vote for Obama. I’m sorry. I just don’t get it. Especially if you believe in God and you have strong morals and values. I honestly can’t understand it.

  2. What an impressive remark from a six-year-old! You said it exactly. It’s not complicated! So how did we get in this mess??! Makes you wonder about how many Americans really know what’s goin’ on!

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