This blog turned a year old


I certainly have been quiet.  Only because I have been busy!  Soccer season and basketball season overlapped a week and that got me behind. :0)

To mark this blog being a year old, I just wanted to post a few of my recent favorite things:

1.  These cute fish that we have added to our fish tank (not my picture…we only have 4 of these!).

After the heat of summer has passed….I was able to support some good old fashioned algae eaters and get my tank back up and running.  My fish tank is in the my sun room and while most freshwater fish are not picky about a tank that get a little  chilly, they certainly are picky about a tank that gets too hot.  We were doing pretty good right up until we lost a big shade tree and then the fish just got too hot.  My hardy tetras survived…but the algae eaters bit the dust. 

Anyway…these are glofish.  I took my boys to Petco and let them choose fish, not paying attention to the price as most of the fish they have enjoyed in the past were 1 to 2 dollars each.  Well, those glofish cost 7 bucks each for the record!  I am wishing them a long and healthy lifespan!

2.  We have a foster dog for a time.  Friends of ours are away from home with cancer treatments and we have taken on Chewy (short for Chewbacca) for up until they can return.  He is very cute, lively and sweet.  And my 12 year old border collie is putting up with him…and I think enjoying his company at least a little!  He is a Soft coated Wheaten Terrier.

IMG_2927.jpg picture by hollybirdy

3.  We had family here a couple weeks ago and I loved this new kid friendly recipe that they made for dinner when I had soccer practices to run out to. 

It combines two kid favorites and as a bonus the spaghetti noodles are easily cut up by the kids…a plus when compared to spaghetti!  Here is the recipe off…as does the picture.

4.  Gearing up for Thanksgiving week!  My fist grader has the week off.  :0)


2 Responses to “This blog turned a year old”

  1. Double Happy “birth” (I guesss?!?!?!) day! :}

  2. he looks like a chewbaugha. funny.
    the pizza looks yummy.

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