Fun Friday, checking out movies before you go

Before I take the kids to a movie….I check out the reviews on one (or several) Christian review sites.

Here are a few links:  Plugged in, Christianity Today

After looking into Madagascar 2….I have decided that my youngest can’t see it.  I was pretty unhappy about the sexual content that the reviewers noted (which I had noticed in the previews but was hopeful that there wouldn’t be a lot of that humor in it…apparently there is).  This is a bummer since we enjoyed Madagascar 1 so much.  Here is a link to that info. 

I like Christianity Today reviews because they actually give discussion questions that help you to talk about any questionable/confusing content after you have viewed it with your child.  I have used their discussion starters before and thought it helpful.


One Response to “Fun Friday, checking out movies before you go”

  1. OK…should have checked your blog before 2:20 this afternoon!!!! I usually check the sites but figured the first one was good, this one should be too….NOT SO MUCH!!
    Very disappointing!

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