Monday Mission, Thanksgiving party for 1st graders

Working on Thanksgiving party ideas for my oldest’s first grade class.

These Pilgrim hats caught my eye…from Family Fun.

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats






Sugar-Cone Cornucopia Place Card Table Decorations

Sugar-Cone Cornucopia from Family Fun also.  If you filled it with grapes, blueberries and dried cherries it wouldn’t be death by sugar either.  Or at least death wouldn’t come as quickly…still a lot of sugar but sugar candy IN a sugar cone.  Heavens!  The good news is that the kids are heading home right after the party…oh wait…that is only good news for their sweet teacher.  :0)

Not for me, nor Miss Amy (who deserves better I assure you!).

Maybe we will fill the sugar cones with ummmm…celery!


3 Responses to “Monday Mission, Thanksgiving party for 1st graders”

  1. i REALLY like the celery idea!!!! :o}

  2. Cute ideas, Holly! I had seen the pilgrim hats in a magazine and actually ripped the page out. But not the other one! So thanks. I probably won’t do it though, I’ll come up with some excuse.

  3. […] I did make the pilgrim hats and the cornucopias that I posted about.  I put blueberries and raspberries in the cornucopias and they were my […]

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