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Christmas Joy!

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This pretty much sums up Christmas.  My seven year old up early…organizing the gifts into piles so that the “handing out” of gifts would be done when everyone was ready.  🙂

He was also waiting for his brother to wake up so they could open their gifts from Santa…you can see those and the notes from Santa in bottom left of the photo. 

Christmas joy for sure!


Merry Christmas!

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Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Jesus!  The gift of God’s son to us is free for each of us and the best gift ever given!

It is easy to get caught up in the stuff of Christmas.  I certainly have this year…gotta get this, that done and I have totally overwhelmed myself.   I hear other say they can’t get in the spirit this year.  But nothing can take away the true meaning of Christmas and this is what it is all about….

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Praise God for the real gift of Christmas!

Luke 2: 1-20

Hello…yep I am still alive…

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I really haven’t had a lot of creative spark lately.  I need to somehow get that back!  Any ideas?

I have been meaning to post these cute santa pants that we used for my kid’s clone war party treat bags…just because they made me happy.

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My mother in law found them…and I am so glad she did.  I think she got them here

I hope to post more soon…just getting ready for Christmas around here! 🙂

Old fashioned sayings…

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Have you ever thought about the things people used to say?  Today I was filling up my gas tank and the poor elderly gentleman on the other side of my pump was having trouble getting gas in his rental car.  Apparently he normally drives a truck and the little rental car had a button you had to push to in order to get the gas door to open and he had never heard of such a thing.  He was so embarrassed…and when he and another person figured out his problem, he said,

Oh, good gravy!

When I got back in the car, I told my youngest what the man had said and he got quite a chuckle out of it.  He said, “Gravy?  Gravy like you put on mashed potatoes?” 


What is your favorite old fashioned saying?

Oh, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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around my house!


And so I am going to share a few fun things I have seen/experienced lately…

Rickrack Cards

These cute cards made with rickrack are so unique and something I am thinking I need to do…probably for a scrapbook embellishment. 

Hmmm…looking at my clock…more later…ran out of time.  :0)

Decorating for Christmas

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I LOVE Christmas and always have…it is by far my favorite holiday. So why I put off decorating this year I have no idea. 

We were gone for a week at Thanksgiving and I guess I felt behind even before returning home…and then put it off due to last week being pretty busy (coaching 2 basketball games and hosting 2 parties can do that to you).  BUT I still feel a little lazy about not having it all up til today.  And to be truthful it still isn’t totally up.  However…

I loved, loved putting it up today.  We had on Christmas music and my youngest wanted to be sure that the Christmas music was about God.    He is funny that way…if I have music on in the car, he wants to be sure that it is about God.  Cute kid with some pretty good quirks…God given quirks.

He helped me decorate and  was so darn funny.  He was remembering this and that decoration  from “when he was little”…he just turned 5 mind you.  :0)

My favorite part…when I turned on the tree light and he said….

“I like it.  It’s stylish, functional….”

A quote from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  He quotes the whole line mind you….but me?  I can’t remember more than that.


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We had a whole week off…well my first grader did…and so we all followed suit and spent the week doing fun stuff. 

My parents…wonderful people that they are even watched my boys for 4 days so my hubby and I could do a little vacationing by ourselves. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) And then we all met up for a family Thanksgiving! :0)

Very nice time all the way around.

Before vacationing, I did make the pilgrim hats and the cornucopias that I posted about.  I put blueberries and raspberries in the cornucopias and they were my favorite. 

These were the kids favorite! 😛

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I highly recommend Candiquick (found it at my WalMart) for dipping chocolate that you want to harden quickly.  The Candiquick came in a container and I simply melted the chocolate in the microwave and dipped away.  Easy!

I forgot to take pictures of the cornucopias but I attached the sugar cone to a paper doily (with icing) first so that they wouldn’ t roll around and then right before serving them, we filled them with the fruit.

My first grader, myself and hubby played a lot of Clone Wars Monopoly this Thanksgiving. 

It got so serious, that when it was time to come home we had to pack up each players money and properties in separate baggies to take them home so we could continue to battle it out!

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For the record, I was the first to go bankrupt.  Not too surprising since the other two money bags are ruthless!