Decorating for Christmas

I LOVE Christmas and always have…it is by far my favorite holiday. So why I put off decorating this year I have no idea. 

We were gone for a week at Thanksgiving and I guess I felt behind even before returning home…and then put it off due to last week being pretty busy (coaching 2 basketball games and hosting 2 parties can do that to you).  BUT I still feel a little lazy about not having it all up til today.  And to be truthful it still isn’t totally up.  However…

I loved, loved putting it up today.  We had on Christmas music and my youngest wanted to be sure that the Christmas music was about God.    He is funny that way…if I have music on in the car, he wants to be sure that it is about God.  Cute kid with some pretty good quirks…God given quirks.

He helped me decorate and  was so darn funny.  He was remembering this and that decoration  from “when he was little”…he just turned 5 mind you.  :0)

My favorite part…when I turned on the tree light and he said….

“I like it.  It’s stylish, functional….”

A quote from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  He quotes the whole line mind you….but me?  I can’t remember more than that.


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