Two friends…

 IMG_2957.jpg picture by hollybirdy

This is the first of a series of grateful posts I am doing.

I am so grateful that my boys are close in age.  They are not quite 2 years apart…the best of friends at times.  I was looking through old photos that I had on my photobucket account and was struck by God’s timeliness when I saw this one. 

They are perfectly spaced to be good friends, playmates and wrestling mates.  They are also perfectly spaced to really NOT get along at times.  They really butt heads at times and that is good too.  I figure it helps them in future conflict resolution.  🙂

Anyway…giving glory to God.  He spaced them perfectly and they are such a cool couple of boys.


3 Responses to “Two friends…”

  1. aascifres Says:

    They truely are two of the three coolest boys I know!!! LOL
    What a sweet picture! Wes telling Luke all about it and Luke taking it all in! Makes my little heart happy!
    BUT what is with Lukes cap!?!?!….Poor kid is not old enough to know better!

  2. Awesome photo 🙂

  3. That’s adorable!! You should be very thankful for those two.

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