Scrapbooking post

Remember how I bought these SEI calendars.  Love them.  Such great quality…cardstock paper, cardstock embellishment stickers (which I use very little of)…and cardstock that you can put double stick tape on and remove if you don’t like it (this makes me very happy). 

So thought I’d share some of the layouts I did. 

I think I have done one of these “guess who?” layouts per calendar.  Great way to use up the dress up silly pictures.  Sorry the picture quality is terrible.  I tried to quick fix it for lighting and my editing program got a little crazy…

IMG_4115_edited.jpg picture by hollybirdy

 IMG_4122_edited-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And this one has a poem my momma wrote.  Here is a link to the poem.  Very cute.  She took this picture while the boys were there visiting this past summer…precious.

Anyway…so today is January 19th right?  I still have 3 calendars that are not done.  They are going out this week.  I can not believe that I am still working on them!  I am soooo sorry if you are one of those waiting on your calendar…I am working away.  For the record, both of my Grandmas have them in their hands.  I figure, if you are in your 80s…you get priority!  :0)


One Response to “Scrapbooking post”

  1. I love that layout! And your mom’s poem? Probably only the cutest poem ever! That’s where you get your amazingly creative genes…

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