Since we had the day off…

We went on a hike.  Second year in a row on Martin Luther King Day, here is last years post.  You would think we have beautiful weather here  for such fair weather in January and I will let you in on a little secret…we do have gorgeous weather as long as the wind stays away!  :0)

CIMG4786.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Same hike as last year, when the boys were 6 & 4.   Now they are 7 & 5, such troopers both years but this year not one single complaint or question about how much further, etc.   None of that and it is a 1.7 mile hike. 

IMG_4235.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_4252.jpg picture by hollybirdy

I am always struck by the brilliant blue color of the water next to brown and tan tones of the grass and shrubs. 

IMG_4215.jpg picture by hollybirdy

A bunch of snow geese in one spot.  Also got a few decent duck pictures.

IMG_4290.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And just for fun….bottoms up!

IMG_4320.jpg picture by hollybirdy


That was my 5 year olds favorite part…the duck that hardly came up for air, didn’t even know we were around watching him and all we saw was his hiney.  That is what gets a 5 year old boy chuckling! 😉

Oh, and by the way…2 things:   1) how fun for me to read last years post on the same hike that I took yesterday.  That is why I keep a blog!  Too fun.  And… no I don’t think it is longer than 1.7 miles.  Maybe  it just seemed like it when the boys were a year younger.  Plus last MLK day was the first time I had ever been on that hike and so maybe not being sure about landmarks, etc.  made it seem longer.  Not sure but truly blessed that I have a blog with my thoughts and view point one year ago today.  🙂  2)  I finished my momma’s and daddy’s calendar today and sent it in the mail.  Yeah.  That leaves one more gift calendar to go…and them ours (and in case my hubby is reading this..yes…I am going to actually do ALL of ours this year).


One Response to “Since we had the day off…”

  1. I am so sad that we missed this! It looks like a beautiful day! And wonderful pictures! That boy makes me chuckle!

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