25 Random things about me

I enjoy reading these on other blogs.  If you would like to do one on your blog and link me to it in the comments….I would love that.

 Here goes:

1.  I don’t listen to very much music. Just don’t think to turn it on.
2. I love to listen to a good book on tape while driving.
3. I think God rocks!
4. My masters degree was in endocrinology (hormones).
5. My favorite age to teach…9th graders. They just crack me up.
6. I love to scrapbook…capturing the story either in words or pictures or both just really makes my day.
7. I love little tweety bird images and stamps.
8. I don’t get the female obsession with shoes…just plain old don’t get it.
9. I love that my husband is a born boy scout…always thinking ahead. 
10. I love it the my oldest takes after my husband in that respect.
11. I love popcorn.
12. I am glad my youngest loves popcorn too…it is often our afternoon snack together.
13. I enjoy a good suspense book but many that have read are too graphic for me. I need an author who can write a cliffhanger but not be graphic.
14. I have never read the book of Esther before. I am doing a 10 week bible study on just that book of the bible…and loving it.
15. I loathe some chores around the house…like laundry and cleaning bathrooms. 
16. I enjoy dusting and vacuuming.
17. I like to dust and vacuum while listening to podcasts or books on tape…maybe that is why I enjoy those chores!
18. My favorite UFC fighter is Rich Franklin. He is a Christian who loves his God, wife and country…these things I can respect.
19. I am so grateful that my parents raised me to to know God, respect my elders and deal with my own concequences.
20. I enjoy college basketball and football…but never watch NFL or NBA.
21. My husband and I are currently addicted to 24…so that is the first step right? Admitting our addiction. 

22. I pray for our nation.

23. I pray for other nations.

24. My youngest child can laugh and make me laugh. It makes parenting him difficult..but I am working on it.
25. If I bake from scratch…I always use spelt flour.


One Response to “25 Random things about me”

  1. Morning,
    Found your blog on the random blog finder, always looking for new sites to read ! Greetings from a dad, in Wales in the UK !!
    Have a good day !

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