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Prayer for my Grandma

Posted in prayers on February 18, 2009 by hollybirdy

I am asking for prayers for my Grandma.  They are concerned about her vision in one eye and are doing an MRI on Thursday (tomorrow).

Asking for God to wrap his caring arms around my Grandma and her children and keep worry away. 

Here she is with my oldest last spring break.  Her 6 year old great grandson was reading her a book.  Happy times.

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Playing around on Picnik site

Posted in photography on February 18, 2009 by hollybirdy

theboys4.jpg picture by hollybirdy

I love the results of photo editing but don’t want to sit at my computer long enough to get very much of it done.  I like to dink around on the computer and move on.  Photo editing is quite time consuming…same reason I have not gotten into much digital scrapbooking.

When finding out about picnik, I put off checking it out for some time since I figured it take up a lot of time.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  While watching Jack save the world the other night (we are catching up on 24 and on season 6 currently) I got to play around.  I didn’t even have to upload any new pics as you can pull from facebook or photobucket picture accounts, both of which I have pictures on.  Anyway…fun.

I especially liked the sketch option (as shown in a pic below).  I have been playing around with the sketch option and some pictures of my boys and have found it very cool.

Photo45-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And the neon option was cool and what I used on the balloons in my post below.

Another option on the pic above. 

theboys6.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Their frames are cool and something I am going to be playing around with some more and will post another day.

Have you ever come across this site?

Posted in favorite things right now on February 16, 2009 by hollybirdy

Tip Junkie which is a site for sharing and finding creative tips.

Very cool…and the reason why my house cleaning is behind schedule this morning!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I will be back next week!