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More happy moments on the farm

Posted in farm with tags on March 30, 2009 by hollybirdy

My five year old has talked about leprechauns ever since St. Patty’s day.  His school had quite the visit from some very mischievous and fun leprechauns on St. Patty’s day. Those little leprechauns must have come home in my youngest’s backpack because they were quite busy around our house in the afternoon.  So when we traveled to the farm, he told his Mee-Maw Moo Moo all about them and kept remarking that he wasn’t sure but the leprechauns may have followed him to the farm.  

Well, Mee-Maw Moo Moo used to teach 1st grade, you know…and has some experience with leprechauns.  So low and behold, the leprechauns ended up taking the kiddo’s coal ransom (most people wouldn’t value a few chunks of coal but you just have to know my little 5 year old).  Both boys were pretty bright eyed and interested as they followed the ransom notes.  

At the end of the day they had to eat their supper…hamburgers made from yummy Moo-Moo farm beef…in order to get their final ransom note.   The leprechauns put the coal and some coins (bonus!) in some old socks that they found in the mismatched sock bin.  My youngest was so funny…after seeing the “stinky” socks, he said, “Leprechaun’s are garbage diggers, huh?”

IMG_5402.jpg picture by hollybirdy

We are very lucky to have a Mee-Maw that has some prior experience with those silly little leprechauns.  

As the 5 year old wonder would say….

“Funny, isn’t it?”


Happy moments on the farm

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My youngest is so natural around animals. 

IMG_5392-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Here he is with the neighbor’s cute and friendly cat.

He wanted to show the cat to his Mee-Maw Moo -Moo (that is what the boys call my mom since she is the grandma that lives on a cattle farm) so he brought it to the window to show her. He pet it and picked it up from time to time . It followed him everywhere. You would think it would get tired of him playing with it but not so.

His easy going nature around animals has always amazed me and has been apparent since he was a toddler. He trots right along when we feed the cows…not worried about a thing and just yesterday offered to hold his older brother’s hand while we walked near the herd. Funny, brave kid.

Our last trip to the farm, he caused such a scene. I had to get in the young bull corral to show a bull to an interested customer and my 5 year old did not see any reason why I would not let him join us in the bull corral. He stood on the fence, whining and crying to get in the corral which was full of bulls.

Here is a pic of some of those young bulls…big boys!

IMG_5053.jpg picture by hollybirdy

My boys watch this over and over…

Posted in fun friday - kids games and toys on March 27, 2009 by hollybirdy

While on the farm, the boys watch this over and over.   We were just sure there was a small part that was played by Tom Hanks.  But apparently, Tom has a brother Jim.  Jim Hanks has been a running double for his bro in Forrest Gump and has been the voice of Woody in Toy Story commercials.  He does sound just like Tom.  Interesting.

We are on my parent’s farm…it is cold.  Brrrr….

I love kids

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They make me remember the way I used to be.  

Not thinking about what is proper, what looks right, what sounds right.  

Let me explain.


My youngest loves his cowboy boots.

He has worn them non-stop since he got them for his 5th birthday (in November).

So on the first day that was warm enough for shorts…he paired his shorts and cowboy boots. 

He didn’t think twice….he didn’t even pause when he walked over to put them on.

I know, because I watched him.  

When it was time to head out for the day, he walked right over and slid into his boots.  

I thought about mentioning that… don’t wear cowboy boots with shorts.  

But…I couldn’t do it.

Such a silly thing for me to advise him of…because really…as long as it lasts…

he should enjoy it, right?

And I too will enjoy it.


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Wisdom comes with age

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IMG_3676-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

It has been a little while since my youngest was this age…but things haven’t changed much…he still loves the farm.

At age 5, the same scene looks a little like this….

IMG_5025-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Now days, he loves to skip and gallop down down the country roads and through the fields telling me important stuff about farming. 

Which reminds me of a conversation we had just the other day (a little tidbit of information that you may not know)….

my five year old farmer “Cows are expensive.  Did you know that that baby cows cost more than big cows?” 
Me “No I didn’t know that.”
my five year old farmer “Yeah…cuz baby cows are cuter that is why.”
And they are cute.  
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Farm boy

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IMG_5030-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Don’t you just love the look?  Cowboy boots + sweat pants = new trend for sure.

On the farm…

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Well, I have lots to update on and lots to be thankful for.  My mom was in a car accident last week.  She was on her way to pick up my Grandma (see my last post) for her MRI.  We are so grateful that my mom’s injuries were not worse.  She suffered a broken arm (that will require 2 surgeries and 3 pins to fix) and 4 broken ribs, but it could have been much worse.  God was watching over her and the person in the other car (who was not injured).

My youngest and I came up here to the farm to care for my mom.  We have had some good times…but I have been too busy to post!

IMG_4839.jpg picture by hollybirdy

My Grandma did get her MRI and the results were a relief because they ruled out a brain tumor.  They are doing some more tests but think she had a small stroke that just happened to affect the optical nerve on in one eye.

More farm pictures to come!