Farm boy

IMG_5030-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Don’t you just love the look?  Cowboy boots + sweat pants = new trend for sure.


3 Responses to “Farm boy”

  1. Puts a smile on your face.
    Last week, I cooked lunch for our construction crew in sweatpants, a frilly apron and barn boots. We ARE fashion.
    My question is: Is he day dreaming or watching something?

  2. hollybirdy Says:

    Oh, I think a frilly apron makes the outfit that you described! :0)
    We were looking at the cows in the field that he was facing but I think he was kinda zoning out a bit in the cows general direction.

  3. Neighbor Nancy Says:

    As they started to giggle, I simply warned they could just enjoy their cold box lunches with out my toasty stew.

    The simple joys of growing up in the country… daydreaming.

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