Wisdom comes with age


IMG_3676-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

It has been a little while since my youngest was this age…but things haven’t changed much…he still loves the farm.

At age 5, the same scene looks a little like this….

IMG_5025-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Now days, he loves to skip and gallop down down the country roads and through the fields telling me important stuff about farming. 

Which reminds me of a conversation we had just the other day (a little tidbit of information that you may not know)….

my five year old farmer “Cows are expensive.  Did you know that that baby cows cost more than big cows?” 
Me “No I didn’t know that.”
my five year old farmer “Yeah…cuz baby cows are cuter that is why.”
And they are cute.  
IMG_4861.jpg picture by hollybirdy

4 Responses to “Wisdom comes with age”

  1. aascifres Says:

    If that is the cse, then Super Luke is priceless!
    LOL!!! I love this story!

  2. Such cute pictures! I like the cowboy boots 😀

  3. aw, baby boys and baby calves. so precious

  4. And he’s right. Works the same way with people. Well, as far as being cuter goes.

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