I love kids

They make me remember the way I used to be.  

Not thinking about what is proper, what looks right, what sounds right.  

Let me explain.


My youngest loves his cowboy boots.

He has worn them non-stop since he got them for his 5th birthday (in November).

So on the first day that was warm enough for shorts…he paired his shorts and cowboy boots. 

He didn’t think twice….he didn’t even pause when he walked over to put them on.

I know, because I watched him.  

When it was time to head out for the day, he walked right over and slid into his boots.  

I thought about mentioning that….ummm..you don’t wear cowboy boots with shorts.  

But…I couldn’t do it.

Such a silly thing for me to advise him of…because really…as long as it lasts…

he should enjoy it, right?

And I too will enjoy it.


IMG_5093-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy


4 Responses to “I love kids”

  1. I love the photos, Holly, and the sentiment. 🙂 Those blue cowboy boots ROCK!

  2. barbaralukow Says:

    cool boots, lukey!

  3. Wow! I haven’t checked your blog in a loooooooooong time. I really like this post. You are a good mommy. I hope you know that.

  4. This so reminds me of my son. He did the exact same thing except add a cowboy and to this day he still wears jeans, boots and a hat, everywhere!! You might even see him after getting off work as a lifeguard in a bathing suit and his cowboy boots!
    Yes, I like digital scrapping for certain things. I’ve done a couple trip albums. I do 5×7 so I can easily print. That way they are done really fast and I can share photos from the trip and be done with it. But I still love the hands on and the feel and deminsion of actual scrappping so I don’t see myself going to just digital. I have way too much stuff to use up first. And I don’t want to be behind the computer all the time.

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