Happy moments on the farm

My youngest is so natural around animals. 

IMG_5392-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Here he is with the neighbor’s cute and friendly cat.

He wanted to show the cat to his Mee-Maw Moo -Moo (that is what the boys call my mom since she is the grandma that lives on a cattle farm) so he brought it to the window to show her. He pet it and picked it up from time to time . It followed him everywhere. You would think it would get tired of him playing with it but not so.

His easy going nature around animals has always amazed me and has been apparent since he was a toddler. He trots right along when we feed the cows…not worried about a thing and just yesterday offered to hold his older brother’s hand while we walked near the herd. Funny, brave kid.

Our last trip to the farm, he caused such a scene. I had to get in the young bull corral to show a bull to an interested customer and my 5 year old did not see any reason why I would not let him join us in the bull corral. He stood on the fence, whining and crying to get in the corral which was full of bulls.

Here is a pic of some of those young bulls…big boys!

IMG_5053.jpg picture by hollybirdy


3 Responses to “Happy moments on the farm”

  1. How fun!!! I love your new pic! Too cute.

  2. Precious! I can’t wait to show Pat this picture.

  3. a toothless grin!! how cute!

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