More happy moments on the farm

My five year old has talked about leprechauns ever since St. Patty’s day.  His school had quite the visit from some very mischievous and fun leprechauns on St. Patty’s day. Those little leprechauns must have come home in my youngest’s backpack because they were quite busy around our house in the afternoon.  So when we traveled to the farm, he told his Mee-Maw Moo Moo all about them and kept remarking that he wasn’t sure but the leprechauns may have followed him to the farm.  

Well, Mee-Maw Moo Moo used to teach 1st grade, you know…and has some experience with leprechauns.  So low and behold, the leprechauns ended up taking the kiddo’s coal ransom (most people wouldn’t value a few chunks of coal but you just have to know my little 5 year old).  Both boys were pretty bright eyed and interested as they followed the ransom notes.  

At the end of the day they had to eat their supper…hamburgers made from yummy Moo-Moo farm beef…in order to get their final ransom note.   The leprechauns put the coal and some coins (bonus!) in some old socks that they found in the mismatched sock bin.  My youngest was so funny…after seeing the “stinky” socks, he said, “Leprechaun’s are garbage diggers, huh?”

IMG_5402.jpg picture by hollybirdy

We are very lucky to have a Mee-Maw that has some prior experience with those silly little leprechauns.  

As the 5 year old wonder would say….

“Funny, isn’t it?”


3 Responses to “More happy moments on the farm”

  1. That’s a great story!

  2. That is AWESOME!!!!

  3. Well, they must have gone back to Roswell in the backpack. Haven’t seen ’em around atall!

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