Been working on my front flower bed…

and it was sooo much fun!

I do a little bit each year, trying to find things that flourish there.  It gets great morning sun but a big tree and my house keep it from getting all day sun.  I try to stick with perrenial flowers.  

Two plants that have liked the spot are candytuft (seen below with white blooms) and wallflowers (seen below with orange blooms).  The candytuft in particular is doing very well.  It’s only drawback is that it only blooms in the spring here.  

IMG_5468.jpg picture by hollybirdy

As seen in my next pic, my allysum (tiny white/purple blooms seen below) did great this year.  I think that due to our mild winter they didn’t die back much.  The tall plant is a butterfly blue pincushion that I am trying out for the first time.

IMG_5472.jpg picture by hollybirdy

The part of the flower bed that really needed help was the most shaded area.  I decided to put in mostly caladium bulbs (which you can’t any signs of yet), shasta daisies, and Heuchera Dolce Blackcurrent.  

IMG_5476.jpg picture by hollybirdy

I also put in Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’ which a striking blue color and a really pretty purple phlox.  

I bought the plants throughout the week and then choose Sunday to put them in.  I was surprised by signs of a frost on Monday morning but the plants were hardy enough to not miss a beat.  I will have to post some more pics later in the season and report back on what worked and what didn’t .  🙂


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