I hope you had a very nice Easter…

I wasn’t totally sure I would ever shake the virus that caught up with me last week.  Yuck.  Chills, stuffy head….just “yuckiness” as my youngest and I decided to call it…during a bonding moment in the midst of our sickness.  I would say I am mostly back to 100 percent but it has been a week so you would hope so.  Yesterday was a get ‘er done Monday….felt very accomplished by the end of it.  Work, housework, errands, a couple hours of yardwork….and I did okay, not too worn out.  Praise God for blessing us with a body that works hard to conquer viruses.  :0)

We ended up with a pretty nice Easter afterall.  We had cousins visit and share in the Easter blessings.  Kids were all fighting off infection…didn’t totally feel great but enjoyed some of their time together none the less.

There was some basketball playing…

IMG_5512.jpg picture by hollybirdy


IMG_5521.jpg picture by hollybirdy

School playing (pretty cute as the 5 year old is the teacher and the 1st/2nd grader are the hard working students)….

IMG_5498.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And some Wii playing…

IMG_5548.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Thankful for all these blessings…but mostly thankful for Easter’s true blessings. 

Acts 2:24

But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.

 PS.  The new header is a picture from 2004…have been scrapping and looking through a bunch of old pics…this is one of my all time favs.  My boys were 3 and 1….time flies.


2 Responses to “I hope you had a very nice Easter…”

  1. FYI…..Jody is checking into time limitations on this pic. Says that is considered child abuse (Luke’s hat) LOL

  2. LOL Child abuse or not….Go Raiders!
    We were just talking about that hat the other day. The boys wore it sooo much that it sun faded into a tomato soup color by the end!

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