What currently fills up my life…

In no particular order….

1.  Two long legged boys who are spending hours training to be Jedi.  

IMG_5642.jpg picture by hollybirdy

2.  Reading from 2 Kings after a Sunday morning sermon that I enjoyed a lot by Del Tackett.

3.  Rotating clothes in the boys closets for a new season…I can’t believe that this 5 year old is in size 7 Levis.  Wow.  When it is time to wear those jeans again after the summer…I bet they will be too short so for a few weeks we will get some wear out of them.

IMG_5632.jpg picture by hollybirdy

4.  Making these protein shakes for my hubby (and myself)

IMG_5627.jpg picture by hollybirdy

Basically they are fruit, whey based protein powder, whey based greens powder, almond milk and ice.  Yum…our new breakfast.

6.  Waiting for summer…excited for summer break.

 Today my 5 year old told me all about what I suspect he learned in kid’s church (where they go after worship at our church…their own sermon time) on Sunday.  Out of the blue, during one of those moments when we were both putting on our shoes about to work outside planting some veggies…he starts talking about Jesus.  Kids want to have a discussion about these things when you least expect it (or at least mine do!).  He told me all about it while he pulled on his cowboy boots. 

“Mom, Jesus died on the cross and then when he came back to life…he came back to see his friends and then was taken right up into Heaven.  His friends were waiting for him to come back to them but they were told to go and tell others about Him.”  I chatted with him..about how he asked them to remember him by communing with Him.  He just nodded and it all clicked for him.  

What a moment…I am so glad I was there for that moment…so grateful.  

Summer is great that way…time for us as a family.  Precious moments…


One Response to “What currently fills up my life…”

  1. Now that looks better than coconut tea!!!! WOW

    What precious boys you have! I can not wait for summer also*****will it ever come?!?!?

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