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Fun stuff I just found

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Some of you may have found this before….but I didn’t know they had so much cool free stuff from these magazines.

Paper Crafts Magazine has a download section and they even keep some downloads from previous issues too.

They have quotes and sentiments cutely done up that you can download.  Like this:When you...

Very cool!  (and true but that is another blog post I am sure!)

When I first started scrapbooking, one of the things that drew me in was paper piecing.  Paper piecing is something I used to do a lot of.  I love to add dimension with inking and make cute paper creations.  I stopped doing that for a time but have been more drawn to it lately.  A current one that I am making work for a layout is here:

May/June 2009 Patterns & Downloads


You know…me and birds.

 Scrapbooks, etc has a Piece talk section in every issue….this I knew.  I did not know that they have such a great online paper piecing area.


They have these birds and tree.  

slideshow image

Above layout is off of Scrapbook, etc. site….showing off the paper piecing options.



My prayer/quiet time journal…

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my journal and wes1_edited copy

My oldest….firstborn…is such a sweetie.  I take my prayer/quiet time journal to church and some mornings my boys draw and write in it.  I have always enjoyed their scribbles and this is one of those times.   It reminds me that this time with my boys is fleeting…my oldest would not spell love that way anymore.  He is growing up fast. 

It reminds me that one of my main responsibilies is to teach my boys about God’s word.  To teach the truths that are there.  I added that scripture to the page the other day when I was having my quiet time.  The boys usually flip through the journal and write on pages toward the back of the journal so it had been quite some time since I had looked at the my firstborn’s scribbles and it just so happened that I had come across that scripture recently.   

I love that scripture..there isn’t a lot of security or peace in our world anymore…only God can give true peace. 

So remember…

Jesus luves you!


(very much!)

It’s Baaaaack!

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I put away our slip and slide (mega shark) from last year and today we got it out to see if it lasted the winter.  It did!  🙂

I did actually RETURN from my trip to nowhere…

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However, I have been busy…

1.  Gardening


2.  Appreciating teachers


3.  Along with a few other current things in my life…enjoying!