Things that are putting a smile on my face…

Lately, I have been really noticing the little things in life that make this girl happy.

While I am cleaning…Windex Multi Surface Cleaner with Vinegar

This multi-surface cleaner cleans my stainless appliances…I have been looking for a good, reasonably priced cleaner for my appliances for a year now. Yah!  It also cleans mirrors beautifully.  :0)

The Swiffer wet clothes are bit spendy but oh how I love them for a quick mop of the kitchen or bathroom.  To make it stay wet longer, I use a spray bottle of water to add moisture.  


These yummy frozen treats for my boys.  

DelMonte® Fruit Chillers® Variety Pack - 28/2oz

We don’t buy popsicles due to the lack of nutrients in them…but the ingredients on these babies start with pear puree.   They do have sugar and dextrose in them but they don’t have any of those other nasty sweeteners.  A treat for the boys that I don’t feel bad about.


The idea of this online class makes me happy.   I am thinking about taking it…although the time of year is a bit tough.  I really need to get some creative juices flowing however so it may very well be worth the commitment.  The only other online class I took from Big Picture Scrapbooking was    w o n d e r f u l.


This bra from VS that comes with no under-wire.   


I must say I have rediscovered carob chips and love, love them….since I can’t have any chocolate (and a bunch of other things like sugar) for 3 weeks.  My hubby and I are doing a 3 week cleanse…so far so good but praise the good Lord for carob. :0) 



 Oh…and no one is paying me to talk about these things…I was just thinking about things that make my life a little easier and happier on this Monday.  :0)


Now if I could just find an aluminium free deodorant that I like…I have tried many and still am not happy with the results.  Have a favorite?






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