14 day cleanse…..

My husband and I did a 14 day cleanse.   Basically we did one similar to the one here and we used the book Clean as a guideline.  We did snacks of more substance than herbal tea (raw pecans, carob chips, apples) but we stayed with the no dairy, no sugar, no preservatives, no wheat, no spelt, no caffeine (other than green tea).    Mostly just raw foods for breakfast and dinner by making smoothies and soups.   Lunch was cold water fish, chicken, turkey or wild game along with salad and/or brown rice.  The idea is to give your body good food that is easy to digest and basically what your body is made to digest.

We felt pretty good on the cleanse…a bit grumpy the first week.  :~P

A few things I took away:

1.  I had no idea how much I snack while I make food for my family.  A taste of this and that adds up.  I noticed this when I was making food for my boys in the evenings that I couldn’t eat.  That was a good habit to give up!

2.  I need no caffeine.  I did without for 14 days…I never even did green tea and learned to love this detox tea.  I think caffeine makes me feel worse…not better.  Although I think a latte a week might be a nice luxury….I might make it decaf though.

3.  I love this salad dressing.  It is just a raspberry balsamic vinegar in a spritzer bottle.   I will continue using it as my salad dressing of choice…thanks to my mother in law for finding this product!

4.  I like carob for my chocolate fix better than chocolate!  Now that is something I never thought I would say and carob is soooooo much better for me that it really isn’t a contest.

5.  I can’t eat much for my third meal.  During the cleanse we had a smoothie and I was always content and not hungry. Tonight  I had a small chicken breast with a small serving of pasta and fresh fruit.  Way, way too much food.   I felt stuffed.

5.  I am looking at food a little differently.  I don’t really want to feed myself or my family a lot of processed foods.  I am making spelt pizza dough with homemade pizza sauce for dinner tomorrow night.  Tonight we had garlic chicken with a small amount of pasta and fresh fruit.  And the boys and I  made homemade spelt/oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for a end of cleanse treat.  

6.  I feel better and stronger than I did 14 days ago.  I dropped some stubborn pounds.

7.  I made some new recipes…some that I will continue to make.


As an aside…a girlfriend of mine sent me a recipe for a natural deodorant as a response to my last post.   Thanks Michelle!   I plan on making it and trying it out, just haven’t had a chance yet.  If I like, I will share.


6 Responses to “14 day cleanse…..”

  1. “I need no caffeine” you say? 2 days off this diet and how many times did you go get coffee?

  2. Oh sweet husband of mine….I don’t need caffeine, I just want coffee. There is a difference. :0)

  3. Awesome. how good for you. I can tell you learned a lot. I’m going to check out the plan you used.

  4. barbaralukow Says:

    Good for you! I’m trying hard to stop the cho-o-ocolate! And I’ll probably sleep better! Love you, mom

  5. I found this very helpful. I have been learning the ropes on my own and taking advice wherever I can get it.

  6. […] Day Cleanse – Here is a 14 day Cleanse that is presented by Holly. She gives details about what she took away from her […]

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