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A little family journaling to share

Posted in just for fun, my life on October 22, 2009 by hollybirdy

Tonight at dinner I had an eye opening moment of feeling blessed…blessed with the family God has given me to enjoy.  

The evening didn’t start out great.   It was  rushed evening.  I was feeling spent after being on the go all day long.   I know so many sweet kiddos that are sick with the flu and it is going around like mad in our little town so my heart was a little heavy.  

I made a “comfort” meal for us which was french toast and bacon.  We usually eat a lot less carbs and more fresh food but every once in awhile you just need a happy, comfortable meal.

So we sit down and pray.  And my 5 year old says, “Mom, I know what 3 + 3 is.”  

I say, “Oh good.  What is it?”


I smile.  “Good.  Ummm…what is 4 +4?”

He thinks for a few seconds and says,  “8?”

I say, “Good. Okay what is 2 + 2?”

My 7 year old blurts out, “4!”

“That wasn’t for you silly!”  I say to my oldest son.  “Dad has one for you.”

My husband, never handing a break to his boys, says, “Okay, what is 28 +28?”

“56” he spits out quickly.

My husband’s eyebrows rise a bit and he quickly asks, “Okay, what’s 36 + 28?”


My husband and I look at each other with big eyes.  Wow.  

“Isn’t that right?” the little calculator brain asks but before I can answer my 5 year old is back in the conversation with his normal exuberance. 

“Okay!  So what’s 36 + bacon?”  

I laugh out loud.  That’s right dude…stump him.  

But I have to keep the kid honest so I say, “Well if you ask the question you have to know the answer.  What is 36 + bacon?”  


Can’t argue with that.

I am blessed no doubt and now I know…

36 + bacon = 18,000

And to think I went to school for years and never learned that very important fact.