That pretty much sums up my life right now!  We have gone straight from soccer to basketball.  Both boys playn’ away…and me coachin’ away.  

I enjoy it but most days…. but the days are so busy.  

 I actually did get a break however.  

My sweet hubby planned me a break..one I wouldn’t have taken if it had been up to me but one I needed!  My wonderful momma took the kids to soccer and school….in that order….it  was a busy soccer weekend…and I ran away for a super long weekend.  Ahhhh….

And so during my long break….I went window shopping at a high end Atlanta mall.  Oh, so fun.

They had a Pottery Barn and a Crate and Barrel

So I am gunna share a few fun things I saw…

Crate and Barrel has this really cute wire pedestal.  I like.  Very much.  May have to order it.  I think it could be cool to fore putting food on and for decorating options.  

Mini Ornament Vase Filler, Set of 18, Blue

The Pottery Barn there was also super fun to browse through.  I enjoyed looking at all their Christmas decor ideas.  Like the pic above.  I have a couple vases like the ones above that my sweet mother in law gave me a couple years back (click here to see a post and a pic of them) that would work perfectly.  Very, very cute.

I have been very, very behind on any kind of blog surfing for about the 2 months but I made it a point to look in on a few of my fav blogs over the past couple days (Thanksgiving break I love thee!)  And I was so excited when I saw this post by Becky Higgins.  She is having a spray paint obsession and has great tips!

Wow….now I am looking at some things I own in new ways!  Also….I may be dropping in on my local antique and “junk” shops to see what I can see.  Makes a girl think in a different way…that is for sure.


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