Glittery Goodness

I have been wanting to write a blog post   f o r e v e r.

If you are reading this…then it actually happened! :~)  Yah for me!

On the scrapbooking front, I have fallen in love with glittery things.  I am shocked…..cuz I am really not a glittery type of girl but I plan on rolling with it regardless!

I love Stickles.  I have mentioned this before but my love has grown for Stickles instead of faded.  I dot it on flower centers of flowery pattern paper or put it on each dot on polka dot paper.   Favorite colors are:

Yellow Stickles Decorative Glitter Glueyellow (which takes on the color you put it on so becomes more than just yellow if you like)

Orange Peel Stickles Decorative Glitter Glueorange peel ( I use a lot of orange in scrapbooking – mother of 2 boys and all)

Diamond Stickles Decorative Glitter GlueDiamond (the prettiest IMHO of the “clear” ones)

I picked up a couple sheets of Doodlebug design glitter paper and used paper punches to cut out designs.   I think Doodlebug design calls it sugar coated paper, very cutesy.  After you use your punches, the results are so easy and eye-catching to use as embellishments.   I should post a pic but I am too lazy.  Doodlebug design also has pattern paper with glitter.  So cool.

Here is a pic of one of their glittery pattern papers.  I own this one and still haven’t used it.  Will have to do that soon.

Imagine this with glitter!  I don’t own that one and maybe should, could be very Valentine Dayish.  🙂

I have more to write but…this post is so glittery and perfect that I will close. 


 Do check out my mom’s blog. .  She did an author interview of Christian author, Rhonda Gibson.  Rhonda is giving copy of her new book What’s in Your Closet? (release date-Feb 12) to a lucky commentator.  Your comment (on my momma’s blog) about the interview puts your name in the hat!

Here is pic of the book cover:


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  1. barbaralukow Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Hol. I appreciate it!

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