About the girl

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Hi!  I am Holly…author of the Oh, Pickles blog.  I am mom to 2 boys (ages 6 and 4) and wife to 1 wonderful husband.  I have a MS in Biology and taught high school and junior college biology…but that was in a different lifetime (at least it seems that way!).  I became a stay at home mom  when my oldest was born more than 6 years ago.  Now days I work part time and enjoy as much time as possible with all 3 of my boys.  

I am a Christian who is humbled by the fact that my God gave his only son to die for my sins.  I enjoy bible study, prayer and praise/worship music. 

I named this blog “Oh, Pickles” because that is what I say a lot.  Yeah, I am a little bit quirky that way.  But hopefully you will all overlook that and still enjoy my blog. 🙂

This will basically be a blog so I can post cool crafts and stuff that just makes this girl happy.   I do have Monday, Wednesday, Friday fun posts that I do try to make sure I get done.  Monday Mission is for organizing and decor kinds of ideas.  Wonderful Wednesday is all about scrabooking…posting a few fun creations or neat products I have come across.  Fun Friday is all about fun games and ideas for kids.

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