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A little family journaling to share

Posted in just for fun, my life on October 22, 2009 by hollybirdy

Tonight at dinner I had an eye opening moment of feeling blessed…blessed with the family God has given me to enjoy.  

The evening didn’t start out great.   It was  rushed evening.  I was feeling spent after being on the go all day long.   I know so many sweet kiddos that are sick with the flu and it is going around like mad in our little town so my heart was a little heavy.  

I made a “comfort” meal for us which was french toast and bacon.  We usually eat a lot less carbs and more fresh food but every once in awhile you just need a happy, comfortable meal.

So we sit down and pray.  And my 5 year old says, “Mom, I know what 3 + 3 is.”  

I say, “Oh good.  What is it?”


I smile.  “Good.  Ummm…what is 4 +4?”

He thinks for a few seconds and says,  “8?”

I say, “Good. Okay what is 2 + 2?”

My 7 year old blurts out, “4!”

“That wasn’t for you silly!”  I say to my oldest son.  “Dad has one for you.”

My husband, never handing a break to his boys, says, “Okay, what is 28 +28?”

“56” he spits out quickly.

My husband’s eyebrows rise a bit and he quickly asks, “Okay, what’s 36 + 28?”


My husband and I look at each other with big eyes.  Wow.  

“Isn’t that right?” the little calculator brain asks but before I can answer my 5 year old is back in the conversation with his normal exuberance. 

“Okay!  So what’s 36 + bacon?”  

I laugh out loud.  That’s right dude…stump him.  

But I have to keep the kid honest so I say, “Well if you ask the question you have to know the answer.  What is 36 + bacon?”  


Can’t argue with that.

I am blessed no doubt and now I know…

36 + bacon = 18,000

And to think I went to school for years and never learned that very important fact.


Ten pics tag…

Posted in cards, just for fun with tags on March 9, 2008 by hollybirdy

Take 10 random, previously un-blogged photos from your computer and blog them with captions.  I was tagged by Sean again.

I figure that this will be fun. 😉

#1.  A cross on an overcast day at my oldest’s school.


#2. We had snow two mornings last week…it didn’t hang around for long but the moisture was nice.  Here is my oldest playing in it before school.


#3.  We have been going for walks with the boys on scooters lately.


#4.  My boys go to their fist livestock auction…just a week or so ago.  My oldest really liked it.


#5.  Birthday card I made the other day with scraps from a birthday LO.


#6.  Trying to take pics of my fish…hmmm…need do some reading up on getting a good shot of them.  Blood fin tetra and platy (I think).


#7.  Collie herding goats.  At an ag expo we got to take in some collie’s who actually work for a living…ours just hangs out in our backyard and takes us for walks.


#8.  This collie could not wait to get a turn.


#9.  Get well card I made for my cousin who was injured in Iraq. 


#10.  Part of my “uniform”…you will normally find me in my New Balance shoes and jeans.


I am tagging anyone who feels like doing this.  It was fun.