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Posted in my life on November 20, 2009 by hollybirdy

That pretty much sums up my life right now!  We have gone straight from soccer to basketball.  Both boys playn’ away…and me coachin’ away.  

I enjoy it but most days…. but the days are so busy.  

 I actually did get a break however.  

My sweet hubby planned me a I wouldn’t have taken if it had been up to me but one I needed!  My wonderful momma took the kids to soccer and school….in that order….it  was a busy soccer weekend…and I ran away for a super long weekend.  Ahhhh….

And so during my long break….I went window shopping at a high end Atlanta mall.  Oh, so fun.

They had a Pottery Barn and a Crate and Barrel

So I am gunna share a few fun things I saw…

Crate and Barrel has this really cute wire pedestal.  I like.  Very much.  May have to order it.  I think it could be cool to fore putting food on and for decorating options.  

Mini Ornament Vase Filler, Set of 18, Blue

The Pottery Barn there was also super fun to browse through.  I enjoyed looking at all their Christmas decor ideas.  Like the pic above.  I have a couple vases like the ones above that my sweet mother in law gave me a couple years back (click here to see a post and a pic of them) that would work perfectly.  Very, very cute.

I have been very, very behind on any kind of blog surfing for about the 2 months but I made it a point to look in on a few of my fav blogs over the past couple days (Thanksgiving break I love thee!)  And I was so excited when I saw this post by Becky Higgins.  She is having a spray paint obsession and has great tips!

Wow….now I am looking at some things I own in new ways!  Also….I may be dropping in on my local antique and “junk” shops to see what I can see.  Makes a girl think in a different way…that is for sure.


A little family journaling to share

Posted in just for fun, my life on October 22, 2009 by hollybirdy

Tonight at dinner I had an eye opening moment of feeling blessed…blessed with the family God has given me to enjoy.  

The evening didn’t start out great.   It was  rushed evening.  I was feeling spent after being on the go all day long.   I know so many sweet kiddos that are sick with the flu and it is going around like mad in our little town so my heart was a little heavy.  

I made a “comfort” meal for us which was french toast and bacon.  We usually eat a lot less carbs and more fresh food but every once in awhile you just need a happy, comfortable meal.

So we sit down and pray.  And my 5 year old says, “Mom, I know what 3 + 3 is.”  

I say, “Oh good.  What is it?”


I smile.  “Good.  Ummm…what is 4 +4?”

He thinks for a few seconds and says,  “8?”

I say, “Good. Okay what is 2 + 2?”

My 7 year old blurts out, “4!”

“That wasn’t for you silly!”  I say to my oldest son.  “Dad has one for you.”

My husband, never handing a break to his boys, says, “Okay, what is 28 +28?”

“56” he spits out quickly.

My husband’s eyebrows rise a bit and he quickly asks, “Okay, what’s 36 + 28?”


My husband and I look at each other with big eyes.  Wow.  

“Isn’t that right?” the little calculator brain asks but before I can answer my 5 year old is back in the conversation with his normal exuberance. 

“Okay!  So what’s 36 + bacon?”  

I laugh out loud.  That’s right dude…stump him.  

But I have to keep the kid honest so I say, “Well if you ask the question you have to know the answer.  What is 36 + bacon?”  


Can’t argue with that.

I am blessed no doubt and now I know…

36 + bacon = 18,000

And to think I went to school for years and never learned that very important fact.

14 day cleanse…..

Posted in my health, my life with tags on September 14, 2009 by hollybirdy

My husband and I did a 14 day cleanse.   Basically we did one similar to the one here and we used the book Clean as a guideline.  We did snacks of more substance than herbal tea (raw pecans, carob chips, apples) but we stayed with the no dairy, no sugar, no preservatives, no wheat, no spelt, no caffeine (other than green tea).    Mostly just raw foods for breakfast and dinner by making smoothies and soups.   Lunch was cold water fish, chicken, turkey or wild game along with salad and/or brown rice.  The idea is to give your body good food that is easy to digest and basically what your body is made to digest.

We felt pretty good on the cleanse…a bit grumpy the first week.  :~P

A few things I took away:

1.  I had no idea how much I snack while I make food for my family.  A taste of this and that adds up.  I noticed this when I was making food for my boys in the evenings that I couldn’t eat.  That was a good habit to give up!

2.  I need no caffeine.  I did without for 14 days…I never even did green tea and learned to love this detox tea.  I think caffeine makes me feel worse…not better.  Although I think a latte a week might be a nice luxury….I might make it decaf though.

3.  I love this salad dressing.  It is just a raspberry balsamic vinegar in a spritzer bottle.   I will continue using it as my salad dressing of choice…thanks to my mother in law for finding this product!

4.  I like carob for my chocolate fix better than chocolate!  Now that is something I never thought I would say and carob is soooooo much better for me that it really isn’t a contest.

5.  I can’t eat much for my third meal.  During the cleanse we had a smoothie and I was always content and not hungry. Tonight  I had a small chicken breast with a small serving of pasta and fresh fruit.  Way, way too much food.   I felt stuffed.

5.  I am looking at food a little differently.  I don’t really want to feed myself or my family a lot of processed foods.  I am making spelt pizza dough with homemade pizza sauce for dinner tomorrow night.  Tonight we had garlic chicken with a small amount of pasta and fresh fruit.  And the boys and I  made homemade spelt/oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for a end of cleanse treat.  

6.  I feel better and stronger than I did 14 days ago.  I dropped some stubborn pounds.

7.  I made some new recipes…some that I will continue to make.


As an aside…a girlfriend of mine sent me a recipe for a natural deodorant as a response to my last post.   Thanks Michelle!   I plan on making it and trying it out, just haven’t had a chance yet.  If I like, I will share.

Things that are putting a smile on my face…

Posted in my life on September 1, 2009 by hollybirdy

Lately, I have been really noticing the little things in life that make this girl happy.

While I am cleaning…Windex Multi Surface Cleaner with Vinegar

This multi-surface cleaner cleans my stainless appliances…I have been looking for a good, reasonably priced cleaner for my appliances for a year now. Yah!  It also cleans mirrors beautifully.  :0)

The Swiffer wet clothes are bit spendy but oh how I love them for a quick mop of the kitchen or bathroom.  To make it stay wet longer, I use a spray bottle of water to add moisture.  


These yummy frozen treats for my boys.  

DelMonte® Fruit Chillers® Variety Pack - 28/2oz

We don’t buy popsicles due to the lack of nutrients in them…but the ingredients on these babies start with pear puree.   They do have sugar and dextrose in them but they don’t have any of those other nasty sweeteners.  A treat for the boys that I don’t feel bad about.


The idea of this online class makes me happy.   I am thinking about taking it…although the time of year is a bit tough.  I really need to get some creative juices flowing however so it may very well be worth the commitment.  The only other online class I took from Big Picture Scrapbooking was    w o n d e r f u l.


This bra from VS that comes with no under-wire.   


I must say I have rediscovered carob chips and love, love them….since I can’t have any chocolate (and a bunch of other things like sugar) for 3 weeks.  My hubby and I are doing a 3 week cleanse…so far so good but praise the good Lord for carob. :0) 



 Oh…and no one is paying me to talk about these things…I was just thinking about things that make my life a little easier and happier on this Monday.  :0)


Now if I could just find an aluminium free deodorant that I like…I have tried many and still am not happy with the results.  Have a favorite?






Posted in grateful, my life on August 6, 2009 by hollybirdy

Sometimes I find it hard to figure out what has taken so much of my time and energy lately…I suppose it comes down to one word….life.

Yes…life has been keeping me busy.  I am so grateful for that gift…the gift of life.  I am blessed by many things in my life

 Rambunctious boys, hard-working husband, precious family, green lush garden, sweet friends, this glorious world to explore and many more God given good things.

And so I will not complain about how all of a sudden my summer is gone. 

I won’t. 

I am thankful for…

DSCN0914.jpg picture by hollybirdy

IMG_6975-1-1-1-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

DSCN0684-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy
I am just going to embrace the changes in season…embrace life.

So it is time….

Posted in my life on August 1, 2009 by hollybirdy

To start blogging again!!!

Heavens!  Not even sure what happened to me for nearly 2 whole months but this is a part of my life (this blog)….that I want to continue so…..

Here goes!

Hmmmm….rethinking that header…will have to play more later today!

It’s Baaaaack!

Posted in my life on May 13, 2009 by hollybirdy
I put away our slip and slide (mega shark) from last year and today we got it out to see if it lasted the winter.  It did!  🙂