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Glittery Goodness

Posted in faith, favorite things right now, scrapbooking on February 3, 2010 by hollybirdy

I have been wanting to write a blog post   f o r e v e r.

If you are reading this…then it actually happened! :~)  Yah for me!

On the scrapbooking front, I have fallen in love with glittery things.  I am shocked…..cuz I am really not a glittery type of girl but I plan on rolling with it regardless!

I love Stickles.  I have mentioned this before but my love has grown for Stickles instead of faded.  I dot it on flower centers of flowery pattern paper or put it on each dot on polka dot paper.   Favorite colors are:

Yellow Stickles Decorative Glitter Glueyellow (which takes on the color you put it on so becomes more than just yellow if you like)

Orange Peel Stickles Decorative Glitter Glueorange peel ( I use a lot of orange in scrapbooking – mother of 2 boys and all)

Diamond Stickles Decorative Glitter GlueDiamond (the prettiest IMHO of the “clear” ones)

I picked up a couple sheets of Doodlebug design glitter paper and used paper punches to cut out designs.   I think Doodlebug design calls it sugar coated paper, very cutesy.  After you use your punches, the results are so easy and eye-catching to use as embellishments.   I should post a pic but I am too lazy.  Doodlebug design also has pattern paper with glitter.  So cool.

Here is a pic of one of their glittery pattern papers.  I own this one and still haven’t used it.  Will have to do that soon.

Imagine this with glitter!  I don’t own that one and maybe should, could be very Valentine Dayish.  🙂

I have more to write but…this post is so glittery and perfect that I will close. 


 Do check out my mom’s blog. .  She did an author interview of Christian author, Rhonda Gibson.  Rhonda is giving copy of her new book What’s in Your Closet? (release date-Feb 12) to a lucky commentator.  Your comment (on my momma’s blog) about the interview puts your name in the hat!

Here is pic of the book cover:


Fun stuff I just found

Posted in scrapbooking, Uncategorized on May 18, 2009 by hollybirdy

Some of you may have found this before….but I didn’t know they had so much cool free stuff from these magazines.

Paper Crafts Magazine has a download section and they even keep some downloads from previous issues too.

They have quotes and sentiments cutely done up that you can download.  Like this:When you...

Very cool!  (and true but that is another blog post I am sure!)

When I first started scrapbooking, one of the things that drew me in was paper piecing.  Paper piecing is something I used to do a lot of.  I love to add dimension with inking and make cute paper creations.  I stopped doing that for a time but have been more drawn to it lately.  A current one that I am making work for a layout is here:

May/June 2009 Patterns & Downloads


You know…me and birds.

 Scrapbooks, etc has a Piece talk section in every issue….this I knew.  I did not know that they have such a great online paper piecing area.


They have these birds and tree.  

slideshow image

Above layout is off of Scrapbook, etc. site….showing off the paper piecing options.


Getting my scrapbooking back on….

Posted in scrapbooking on April 4, 2009 by hollybirdy

And so….inspiration is needed.

I love some of Elle’s studios jounaling embellishments. 

These are for sure a favorite (just wish they had other color options…might email to find out):

Prompts, Patterns and Journaling Tags - set of 20 - kraft/black

I have been enjoying these cute weekly sketches from 52 sketches….52 weeks.

And these over the top sketches and out-takes from Pencil Lines.  

And so I thought I’d start with these weekly online sketches.  I certainly have enough pictures to do ANY type of sketch.  🙂

And so I am going start with the current Pencil lines sketch (which will likely change soon but I like this one a lot)….


And I thought I’d wait for the new sketch which should be posted on Monday or Tuesday on 52 sketches…52 weeks.

Who would like to join me?  :0)

Scrapbooking post

Posted in scrapbooking on January 19, 2009 by hollybirdy

Remember how I bought these SEI calendars.  Love them.  Such great quality…cardstock paper, cardstock embellishment stickers (which I use very little of)…and cardstock that you can put double stick tape on and remove if you don’t like it (this makes me very happy). 

So thought I’d share some of the layouts I did. 

I think I have done one of these “guess who?” layouts per calendar.  Great way to use up the dress up silly pictures.  Sorry the picture quality is terrible.  I tried to quick fix it for lighting and my editing program got a little crazy…

IMG_4115_edited.jpg picture by hollybirdy

 IMG_4122_edited-1.jpg picture by hollybirdy

And this one has a poem my momma wrote.  Here is a link to the poem.  Very cute.  She took this picture while the boys were there visiting this past summer…precious.

Anyway…so today is January 19th right?  I still have 3 calendars that are not done.  They are going out this week.  I can not believe that I am still working on them!  I am soooo sorry if you are one of those waiting on your calendar…I am working away.  For the record, both of my Grandmas have them in their hands.  I figure, if you are in your 80s…you get priority!  :0)

Oh, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Posted in crafts, scrapbooking on December 9, 2008 by hollybirdy

around my house!


And so I am going to share a few fun things I have seen/experienced lately…

Rickrack Cards

These cute cards made with rickrack are so unique and something I am thinking I need to do…probably for a scrapbook embellishment. 

Hmmm…looking at my clock…more later…ran out of time.  :0)

Now that I ordered 6 of them…

Posted in scrapbooking with tags , on October 17, 2008 by hollybirdy

They are on sale 10% off…that is what I get for being on top of things!  And bonus…the SEI site didn’t charge me shipping.

Here is the link to the 10 % off SEI site.

And a better pic of the 2009 calendar.

Oh, some things just make my day!

Posted in christmas, scrapbooking with tags , on October 15, 2008 by hollybirdy

SEI scrapbooking calendars!

I have used SEI scrapbooking calendar kits for many years…they make the best scrapbooking calendars in my experience.  I just ordered 5 for Christmas gifts and one for my family! 🙂

Click HERE to see the calendar. 

Now to order (and upload!) the pics that I will be needing. Sigh…

For me the Christmas crunch has begun (these things are time consuming).

Glad to have the calendars on the way to me…I have been waiting for SEI to start selling them!