Wonderful Wednesday, new stamping product that I love

I went in to my local scrapbooking store a couple weeks because I had a problem that needed to be solved.  I had been in a rubber stamp swap with the cool ladies at the about.com scrapbooking forum some time ago and wanted to use some of the new stamps I acquired.  However…some of these cool stamps had been removed from their wooden blocks.  (Lots of stampers do not keep all their stamps on wooden blocks since they are so bulky and hard to store.)  I needed to be able to stamp the images, plain and simple.  I knew you could buy a product that would adhere to the back of the rubber and make them acrylic block ready.  So I went to see if my scrapbooking store carried it.

Instead, I was shown this cool new product.










You can actually just adhere the plain rubber to these blocks and stamp it.   I just used double stick tape to adhere the stamp to it.  Depending on what kind of shape the rubber backing is in, it may only take a little bit of water to adhere it the block but mine needed a tiny amount of adhesive and my scotch double stick tape(it is my adhesive of choice for most all my scrapbooking) and I are good friends so I used it.  :0)

Below is a picture of what I stamped with my rock a block. The cute dancing cow is just the rubber…no backing.

IMG_1961.jpg picture by hollybirdy

What is totally cool about these rock a blocks is that you can totally be as messy as you like when you ink up your image…it has a lip on it and you will only stamp the image you intend to stamp.  

The only thing you have to watch for is that you don’t get any ink on those edges that stick up and you rock on…you can see them on the right side and left side of the block that I have a pic above but you would have to be a pretty messy stamper to have that issue.  This blog has a some pretty good pics to show you the stamping process with this block.  You rock it one time…and get a wonderful, even image every time.

All my clear stamps also work beautifully…stamp perfectly every time.  Very cool.

I ran into one small problem, your stamp has to be thicker than the lip on the rock a block otherwise your image won’t stamp.  Most of mine where but I am going to have to thicken the stamps that aren’t in some way….give them some backing to thicken them up and then I will be set!


2 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday, new stamping product that I love”

  1. That’s a really cute stamp!! I just noticed that picture of you, it’s a great picture.

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